slowwwww pc

My PC is slowwwwwww again, lets see whats up THIS TIME…

oh its microsoft update downloading ZILLIONS of “updates” (despite the fact I actually turned automatic updates OFF), hey-ho.

Oh wait….

or could it be my McAffee anti-virus SCANNING EVERY BLOODY DAY even though THAT`S turned OFF too, and slowing everything to a crawl?

(why does the cancel scan button NOT WORK AT ALL McCaffee??? huh? HUH? why does turning “automatic scheduled scans” OFF do FUCK ALL???)

(Oh and why does it report its “saved me” from 43 Viruses, last month when it`s ACTUALLY deleted 43 GOOD PROGRAMS that it called Viruses just because it didn`t have a FUCKING CLUE?)

(And for that matter, why does it try to install browser toolbars of its OWN to decide just what you can and can`t look at on the net like some fucking NANNY??? – last time I checked , toolbars were classified as PUP`s – i.e. POTENTIALLY UNWANTED PROGRAMS – MALWARE in other words….)

Why does it disable the windows firewall from auto starting even when you opt NOT to use the shitty McAffee version????



or maybe its Firefox loading up a QUADZILLION Tracking Cookies just so every tom dick and harry can spam me to bloody death??
What the FUCK happened to the net and DECENT WORKING PROGRAMS that do just what you frigging PAID for them for?

Why does every single program you get now try to get you to install malware, & adware, & make you join useless intrusive sites, and cookies to spam you to death or flash adverts at you in the folorn hope that fucking up your entire internet experience will actually endere you to buy shit off them??
I have a message for every cock-sucking coder that writes all this shit into their code nowadays.

a heartfelt,


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