Another Rant

It`s no surprise I have high blood pressure you know.

If there`s one thing that really makes my blood BOIL , it`s betrayal by someone you thought was a friend. Friendship actually means a lot to me and experience has taught me that whatever a person says to you, investing trust in them is always a gamble. Time and time again I`ve met people online who I`ve chatted with, laughed with, joked with and taken into my confidence and TRUSTED, only to have them turn and do something petty or nasty. These days I`m extremely cynical and it`s down to these experiences. They have shaped my attitude towards dealing with anybody who isn`t actually standing in front of you. The internet provides a shield of anonymity  to these people, as if you suddenly decide to turn into Mr Hyde it`s easy to just turn off your internet and delete any promises, commitments or responsibilities at the click of a switch. It`s sad because it`s so unnecessary and mean spirited, I can only assume and guess at the reasons for such behavior and wonder at the real person behind every avatar and name. I`m lucky enough to have met many people online and I do have a core of close friends who I still trust and know I can count on to be honest and caring towards me, they are rare birds indeed. There has been a lot of chaff to sift for the good grains. You know the sort, they`re the ones who call you out of the blue simply to check you`re well, to ask how you are and to tell you about their day. They`re honest and direct with you, when they make a promise, they follow it through. You collect these people like valuable diamonds and cherish your contact with them. The others? they`re the ones who say one thing to you, swear never to reveal things said in confidence only to then go on an orgy of copy pasting your every word to anyone who`ll listen. I do have a strict policy for such people, РI cut off their supply of things to copy paste by staying silent as that`s generally the most powerful response you can give to such people.8a8d7504af542d62d42c9cfef52bfd1e


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