Weekly RANT


(yes I know I`ve mentioned this in another post but it F****NG BUGS ME).


(Wtf is        wrong                  with  USING     S P A C E S ?   ?               ???            ????????)

Websites that plaster a huge desperate “PLEASE LIKE THIS PAGE ON FACEBOOK” pop-up that covers the whole frigging PAGE 20 seconds after you start to read ANYTHING.


Websites that take 5 minutes to load every page because they`re loading your browser up with a zillion advertising cookies.

Fake  made up stories.

FLAT EARTHERS (how can people be so STUPID??)


Americanization of the Internet in the UK

No offence to my American Friends but I don`t want to be blitzed with McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Have a nice day,The Gap, Baseball, The NFL, Starbucks, Disney, Reeboks, Taco Bell, Democrats, Republicans, Huge teeth, Fat arses, Supersize everything, Go USA!!!, F*CK YEAH!!, The American Dream, Massive Gas-Guzzling cars, We won the War, Bomb the terrorists, Jesus saves!, Country freaking music, NWO & the Illuminati every time I click on a freaking site anymore.

And the F***ING PAGE-EDITOR ON THIS BLOG for removing  any spaces and formatting between lines that in it`s infinite f***ing wisdom, thinks shouldn`t be there. (dumb f***ing machine)

((now you know what that full stop`s there for))..

Rant over.

(Have a nice day…)


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