Windows 10 aka big brother.


Well we heard all the hype that windows 10 preview had a keylogger built into it and everything you put into windows 10,

web cam access,
microphone access.
E-mail content,
Private message services (skype , messenger etc),

were accessable by microsoft but ONLY for development services and the keylogger would be removed in the final release.

yeah right.
Read your user agreement.(for the finished , released version).

“We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to,
Now why the fuck would I want a microsoft employee sitting in the corner of my room, watching everything I do, listening to everything I say, and writing it all down and storing it?
which is EXACTLY what you`re agreeing to here by using windows 10.
Most of the data is actually used to target adverts at you, but the CAPABILITY is there to spy on you and thats what sucks.

And on the subject of adverts, who in their right minds actually WANTS adverts in such an expensive operating system?
We are told it`s to pay for the services from microsoft that are available for free such as onedrive, hotmail etc
I call bullshit on that, other providers give these services for free without having such intrusive background services running on your pc.
I personally have never used onedrive and never will, I simply don`t want or need it.
Windows is not cheap, the projected price is high, it may be free now as an upgrade but you will have paid for your original operating system somehow either as part of your computers original price or as a bought operating system.
The vast majority of people will be unaware that they have invited microsoft to have the capability of putting their entire lives under a microscope by using windows 10.
There ARE methods of blocking Microsoft and stopping this crap but they are for tekkys only, you need to block certain web addresses in your host files, create firewall rules to block telemetry, and kill and disable some services on your PC, this can be quite complex as you have to wrest control of the processes and files that collect and send all the data TO microsoft, it means a lot of registry editing, permissions editing, taking ownership of files and processes and knowing exactly which ones and where they are and STILL you run the risk of missing stuff and having it quietly running in the background watching everything you do.

When did microsoft decide they would implement these big-brother policies?

Microsoft really need to realise that a persons RIGHT to privacy is NOT something they can exclude themselves from.

To me “Private” means exactly that:-

i.e. it`s MY fucking business and not for anyones eyes or ears unless I decide they can be privy to it.

Go suck a dick microsoft, I won`t be using windows 10.


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