Cloud Drives

1. The WD MyCloud Drive.

There really is nothing good I can say about this drive at all, buy it at your peril and only if you are a sado-masochist.

its good for (molasses slow) network Accessed storage and thats IT. The so called cloud functionality simply doesn`t work – PERIOD.

This I know because I spent a YEAR trying to get mine to work and exchanged MANY support emails with WD – even THEY couldn`t get it

to function and they MAKE the fucking thing. They sent me a replacement and that was even worse so they then they offered a refund.

(after a full year of fucking about with it).
2. The Seagate Personal Cloud Drive.

Is JUST as crappy,

just as dysfunctional,


and again is only of use as a NAS.

I tried endlessly with BOTH drives to get their OWN media servers and apps to work,

I couldn`t even do it on my own fucking network.

The web functionality is simply dire – neither solution works, the wdmycloud apps wouldn`t even CONNECT outside the local network,

and the Seagate apps saw the drive then took TEN FUCKING MINUTES to see any media and another ten minutes EACH track it tried (unsuccessfully) to play.

99 times out of 100 it would then lock up.

It`s disgraceful that these are being marketed as cloud drives at all and are still on sale AS cloud solutions.

Clearly the coders who wrote the firmware were all pissed when they coded it or are simply incompetent.


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