Well – its now 2014 – end of February and I have been idle for far too long.
My health deteriorated somewhat in the last few months and I`ve become stuck in a rut.
2 more DVT`s and a Gnarly set of four operations later I`m still here, still kicking and have decided to get off my backside and do something about it.

This is my first post here in about 2 months and the first written one for much longer.

What am I doing?

Weeeellll… I`ve been staffing at a music site (nuff said about that) and amassing a kick – ass music collection. – I`ve become interested in radio broadcasting and am now in the process of expanding my little audience. – I have  started mixing music in anger and am now conversant with several professional Midi Applications.

I now have my own shoutcast account and a regular program.

I`m still not sleeping at night (AT ALL) and am struggling with the consequences.

I`m about to start staffing at another site and I have great expectations for it, – I hope to share my little bit of knowledge and help anybody after advice about PC hardware and the internet. ( I still have a lot to learn but I`m studying).

I`ve also become a rather bad gamer and have been buying loads of programs off steam.

Other things have happened to me which may (or may not) have a major impact on my life.. – not decided about that yet, – only time will tell. (Cryptic huh?)

What else can I tell you?

I know,…. I have now a total of 6 computers in front of me. My room looks like mission control.

Until my next post

Nick signing off…

( aka demotricus,  aka demo, aka charly. )


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