F*&^%$£%&G Windows 8!!!!!

2013-01-24 20.26.36


OK – I`ve just GOT to post again , and have a bloody good moan about this F………. AWFUL, AWFUL operating system.

Latest turds in the bath are:-

The Above Photo`s which speak for themselves…

Windows “security” disabling itself and point blank REFUSING to load up or start working again, despite system resets and restarts, diagnostics and god knows what else.

The crappy Metro “Photo`s” App – an application that is supposed to display your photo`s from facebook, Flickr, Skydrive etc – AND the photo`s in your library on this computer.

Guess which ones it can`t find?

Yup! – only the pictures in the ACTUAL COMPUTER IT`S INSTALLED ON…..

Only the PRIMARY BASIC FUNCTION of the program…

Now!—how difficult must it be to write a program that JUST displays a photo from a library? -its not rocket science, – I could do it!

but seemingly Microsoft can`t….

Also – its clear by looking at the reviews for the App in the windows store, that its a common problem, -Have they updated it with a fix?? – – – – have they thump.


WON`T work in vista. – or to be more accurate, – it won`t install in vista.

I`ve had it “installing” for the last two hours – a clean install of vista, and a fresh download of the installer. – ONLY – it won`t. – Nuff said.

Actually – I`m going to devote some of this moan to samsungs windows “Disk Cloning” program too. – My hard disk died on the windows 7 machine. Soooooo – I bought an SSD.

Thinks I, – ” I`ll save some time and tedious re-installing by buying a transfer kit , -I.E. a USB drive cable and “cloning” program to transfer the Drive contents to SSD.

-it Didn`t work.

-it Just sat there doing nothing when I answered “Yes” to the “update program?” question.

Then when I tried again and used the supplied DVD program – THAT just sat there doing nothing.

What else?

-Oh yes , – my mouse pointer keeps disappearing, -Every now and again, the pointer will disappear , then it returns intermittently and the hot corners stop working, cue 5 minutes later – the pointer (still intermittent) now can be tracked OFF the edges of the screen and the screen becomes unresponsive then blank. – a reboot is the only remedy and can only be initiated by a short press on the PC cases power button – A “hard” reset or long push on the same button is NOT recommended !!! – this almost ALWAYS results in file corruption and a re-installation – And whilst on the subject, the much quoted “system refresh” is both a cop-out and a (disguised) term for a re-installation…. its EXACTLY the same as installing your system from scratch, the ONLY differences are the saving of a text file showing what Desktop apps have been deleted and now require re-installing along with the Operating system, and the automatic re-installation of your metro apps.
BTW, – re-installing the metro apps manually is easy , its the one thing microsoft have got right. (except , you should not HAVE, to keep re-installing them….)


Windows 8 will not let me change my user account to a local account that`s not tied to microsoft`s hotmail account , nor will it let me create a new standard user account for another person to use
my PC. – I did briefly consider posting a question in the microsoft support forum but then spotted several identical questions dating back 5 or 6 months that had not one single response from microsoft. -actually, I tell a lie – there WAS one response – the only answer I found was one by a microsoft moderator telling a bemused poster that he could not answer his question because the post was now too old, (so why didn`t they answer B-E-F-O-R-E it became “too old”???)

My decision not to post was also due to the last answer I got when I posted on the same forum… and I`ll quote it in full here :-


-Really – thats what they said !!!! -(After deleting my question twice without telling me why…).

So it cost me an extra £10 for a program that was supposed to save time and effort, and took me longer because of the wasted time trying to get it to work. – and I STILL had to do a complete
re-installation of everything.

I am so thoroughly fed-up with everything about bloody “windows” and microsoft that I have decided to abandon them. – I`ve used microsoft stuff for nearly 20 years now – more or less from the word go, – I`m not a Guru – or even an expert but I do know my way around their programs and PCs and recently have had a gutfull of really unnecessary problems which have been caused, in the main, by incompetent programming. Microsoft have seemed to have lost their way and become complacent about the very people who buy their product. The programs don`t work properly, The Operating system doesn`t work properly, and the attitude is “Yawn”.

Now all these problems can be fixed, BUT, it usually takes a good working knowledge of the operating system, a lot of experience with PCs and a whole load of effort to research and track down whats going wrong and how to fix it. – A computer should be a tool and one that`s easy to use without having to spend so much time and effort , just to get it to do what its supposed to do already.
I have spent so much time re-installing, refreshing, googling solutions, liasing with various supports, and just scratching my head and working out whats going on with the damned thing , that I`m tired and have had little time to actually use it for work!!

If I can`t use it efficiently for normal work, then whats the point in having it at all?

I`m going to jump ship and trade in for Mac equipment – I always said that I would never buy an Apple product, but when its the only thing left that actually works, then what choice do I have really?
Goodbye Microsoft.
-and when they ask “why?” I`m going to give them the same answer that their moderator gave me…..



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