Bluetooth Devices


So there I was looking at my gadgets and I thinks to myself, wouldn`t it be great to use my bluetooth headphones with my PC?
Well- “how hard can it be to set up?” thinks I, – turns out – its VERY hard.
So you have a bluetooth icon in your task bar – must have bluetooth?……
You need a Bluetooth dongle.
So I peruse Amazon and order a bluetooth dongle.
The dongle arrives and I plug it in.
“Installing Device drivers” says the message in windows.
Brilliant -I`ll soon be listening to my music?…
I turn on each bluetooth headset and enter the pairing codes in turn and windows seeeeems to accept them and duly displays each headset with its own icon and label.
right , – lets connect to one and see what the qualitys like!
it doesn`t connect.
error 0x800008075 (or something similar)

I look at the properties tab and spot “Troubleshoot”
I press it.
it informs me that no driver is installed and gives me the option to search for one on the internet.
it then tells me that it can`t find one.
“contact the manufacturer of your device and check their support section”. (err – microsoft?)
Now hang on a minute – I recall the message “installing drivers ” when I plugged it in….
Clearly either more microsoft bullshit or it did not load the said drivers..
“check your device manufacturers website” it says, – the dongle came from amazon, is unbranded and no web site exists, – and this is quite normal, – I challenge you to find a dongle maker with a website, – you won`t.

OR there are more drivers (which are not mentioned when you buy the dongle or windows or the bluetooth device itself) and these drivers are not supplied with windows, NOT supplied with the Bluetooth dongle and NOT supplied with the Bluetooth device itself.

Now I am quite computer literate and I am having extreme difficulty in getting this stuff to work, -the bloody hoops and hurdles you have to jump through to get the damned thing to work are unbelievable. -If I can`t get it to work then what chance does any normal “Joe” have?

Its so much simpler to just buy a set of wired headphones and plug the bloody things in, then put up with the wire, and it leaves me with the distinct impression that whoever designed the bluetooth and windows system are complete and utter idiots.

There must be millions of pounds worth of these useless headsets in peoples drawers and storage simply because they gave up on trying to get them to work.


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