I am a multi – tasking GOD…

Well – windows 7 and a USB drive kicked their little rubber feet up and died on me. Sooooo….. I now have to install everything onto the P6 again, -and that includes ALL the purchased games :-

So now I am having an `install-fest` and multi-tasking my little heart out,-more later…

Edit:- OK so some way into the restore process, my mouse cursor starts stuttering, – and doesn`t stop.

It started happening after I installed Norton 360 – which incidentally I had to contact support in order to download onto the PC. – They do NOT make it easy to get what you`ve paid for.
My download option was missing despite the account being current. Also a little puzzled by their install policy, – if I`ve read it right, you get 4 installs for your software – now I assumed that meant 4 machines but Nooooo, – it means you can install it 4 times. – If for any reason your PC dies (hard disk failure etc) and you have installed it or re-installed it more than 4 times overall (even on the same machine) then thats it !! if you want it back, you have to purchase another license.

So even if you`ve just bought it and are having trouble installing, (not an uncommon scenario considering the very poor design of the installation software) then you can be in the situation of having a current paid for license but no way of using it and be forced into shelling out more cash for another license.Then you get another 4 goes and if they fail…..same again.

This in my opinion is a Blatant rip off and quite frankly DISGUSTING practice.

(Edit:- this policy has now changed,I guess enough people complained).

I was originally pushed into buying this program when I bought the PC , frankly I didn`t really want it then but caved in when the sales man ensured me that the service I already was using, (McAffee – comes with the Broadband), was not an actual subscription but the free version. -I have since discovered that this was complete bullshit.
I installed it on my windows 8 machine and without a word of exaggeration -it CRIPPLED the machine.- EVERYTHING stopped working,-I could not browse properly (it was blocking everything), I couldn`t download, – my games stopped functioning etc etc etc.
I uninstalled it and everything worked again.
Now I put this down originally to the program being incompatible with windows 8, so when my windows 7 machine died and I had to factory reset it I thought I`d give it another go and use my remaining install. (This is when I discovered the above about the limited number of installs).
Well I can now report that its not just windows 8 machine it F****s up – its Windows 7 too.

I have managed to install it again – only because I remembered the “short-cuts” and certain URLs that the support technician used to restore my download button,(without which – I, and most users), would have been royally stuffed.

Its on `probation` at present but if the same faults re-occur then its history.

To be Honest, – I Won`t care if I never hear the name `Norton` in my life again, I`ll go back to McAffee if I have any more problems. (should have stayed there to start with…).

Edit:-Well I don`t sodding believe it! -Windows 8 died too! – cue the NINTH time I`ve had to install it.
Sometimes I really hate these computers.


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