Mutant Dandelions and money under U/V Light…

How many times is the value of a bank note printed on its upper face?
Twice?… wrong.
Three times…
Twice in visible numerics, and once in Ultra Violet fluorescent ink.

Banknotes under daylight:-

2013-05-09 07.49.06

Banknotes under a U/V light:-

2013-05-09 07.49.21

Also…. How can you tell if the notes in question have been used for snorting “nefarious substances”?

Easy, – again they show up under U/V light – organic substances glow or “fluoresce” under U/V :-

2013-05-09 07.57.15
The one underneath is the “clean” one.
Tip:-A U/V torch is ideal for spotting those spots where your pet has “had an accident”…Pee glows like a watch dial under U/V.

Have you ever seen a monster like this? :-



and yes, that IS how wide its stalk was…


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