“Now we`re moving !” or “let there be light!”

2013-04-30 13.56.45
2013-04-30 13.56.07

2013-04-30 13.55.53


Its been like christmas the last two days with bits and pieces arriving for my “project starlight”


1. —A 35mm Camera (Chinon CE-4 -Not working but including a F1.7 50mm lens and a 28mm to 84mm F3.5 Zoom lens) cost ? £7.00 the lot.

2. —Fisheye wide angle and Macro lens attachments for my smartphones (with the macro attachment, the phones 8Megapixel camera will focus perfectly on the scopes screen and it will fill the display exactly, – this means I can take HD video -1920 x 1080 pixels or high resolution snaps).

3. —a set of pentax k mount extension tubes (perfect mount and focusing spacer for the lenses).

Theres not much I need now before I start the build proper, – just a suitable Tubular case, a battery box and switch/potentiometer (to adjust gain), a mount for it all and sundry parts – Haven`t decided how to attach bayonet mount to the tube yet, but either epoxy resin or modelling “plastic clay” look good.

I fired the tube up for the very first time today and was rewarded with a perfect image (success!), -I lashed the parts together with black tape just to prove the correct length of spacer tube was used (remember it should be exactly 35mm from lens to focus plane, measured from the centre of the first objective lens i.e. inside the lens).
Well I`m glad to say , I got it exactly right. – here`s the first images:-

2013-04-30 13.50.36

2013-04-30 13.50.40

Notice the distortion around the edges of the image – this is perfectly normal.

Soldering the connections can be tricky so I took no chances of cacking it up and I cleaned the metal properly first , then used a file to bare a tiny patch of metal (if you try to solder to metal that has been exposed to the air for some time, the metal will be “oxidised” and harder to solder to).
I then applied flux to the bare surface, and tinned both the metal and the wires before mating them up and soldering them properly. This ensured both a good mechanical and electrical connection.
I attached the power leads after closing the lens iris to the smallest F stop F22 to stop the tube from overloading the image or flooding it (whiteout)- you need VERY little light to trigger the tube so it is imperative that you plug any light leaks too.
Anyway! , it worked! 🙂

I also tested the macro and fisheye, smartphone camera lenses and here are a couple of test shots (I held the lens on as there are only two mounting rings supplied and I did not want to ruin them before deciding upon a mount for the phone):-

2013-04-30 09.45.40

2013-04-30 09.45.14

2013-04-30 09.45.09

2013-04-30 09.44.05

So all is well and good until the actual build.

I had to include these shots in this post, – my new FSX plane, – a Star Trek Shuttle! :-

2013-04-28 05.35.29

2013-04-28 05.35.13

2013-04-28 05.37.11

I also have a Star Wars X wing Fighter and a Halo Cruiser, a German FooFighter/Flying saucer and have discovered that you can obtain an add-on to load and pilot, submarines,surface ships,tanks,cars even run Aircraft Carriers in FSX now, I`m going to download some when I get a free half an hour!
Bye! Until next time!


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