Hmmmm… would I make a good DJ?  -I’ve been thinking about this since the subject came up in a Forum shoutbox I use.
The site concerned have a dj spot which always seemed to be closed so I asked about it.
It seems that the job is open so I’m actually considering doing it…I’d need a better microphone and a couple of programs installing but the most important need would be the bottle to actually do it…
The apps etc I can do easily but I won’t know if I have what it takes until I try it, so I’m going to make a couple of testers just to see what I sound like.

Wish me luck!

Edit:-The first Programs went well enough but I`m not brave enough to warble into a microphone yet! – Also the desk microphone I do have is a bit cheap and nasty and does tend to pick up every knock and scrape of the desk its on – its very light and you can especially hear the keyboard clicking away as I type.
My Dolby 7.1 headphones have arrived and the Microphone on them seems to be pretty good, – I may give it a go when I pluck up the courage. – Either that or I`ll resurrect a cardioid microphone I`ve got stashed away and make a rubber band mount and pop screen for it.


One thought on “DJ?

  1. You are absolutely a great DJ and have impressed me ….First go around ….Perfect and have enjoyed the music selection!!! Thank you friend …VeNoM

    Edit and reply.

    Go suck a dick catfish. You were a liar, I truly hope Karma catches up with you.

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