The Coming Apocalypse.

Theres a day of reckoning coming, – not soon but it WILL come. On that wonderful day

I`m going to unplug my computers from my bedroom, cart them outside into the back
garden then set them up in the middle of the paved area. I`ll run a power lead to
them so they are “alive” when whats going to happen, – happens.

First off I`m going to load up windows and then stand quietly in a moment
of clarity and reflection as I contemplate my next actions. You see I want to enjoy
and remember every microsecond of the next 5 minutes.

I`m going to reach behind me and bring out

the BIGGEST MEANEST M**********R OF A SLEDGEHAMMER and go completely
`Cows in the Attic` APESHIT on their sorry electronic arses.I will not rest until they
are no longer recognisable as Computers. And when I have reduced them to shapeless
lumps of twisted metal and fragments of plastic and silicon… I`m going to

Ima Going to commit the equivalent of computer murder, of destruction with extreme and
violent prejudice.And I`m going to enloy every last millisecond of it.

Going through my mind will be every last time that these possessed EVIL machines have
thwarted me, -Every Freeze,Every Blue screen of Death, every slow refusal to complete
the simplest of tasks ,and ALL timed to perfection to happen at the worst possible time.

The knowledge that Computers have personalitys has crept into my conciousness slowly overthe last 25 years, and by God you`d better believe me, Hannibal Lecter is living in my
latest machine. What makes things worse is that he`s subverted the older machine too, now.
I can just imagine the electronic conversations between them as they plot their nefarious
deeds, -“Here, Harry , – watch this! (snigger , snigger) . . . CRASH……

I give my PCs names, – Harry is the Hewlett Packard, (H.P. – Do try to keep up…)
Luna WAS the name of the Lenovo -(initial L = Luna, -Harrys mate). but I abandoned that
name some time ago. Its called “Bastard” now.

So these days Whenever HP or The B.. crashes for the umpteempth time or won`t boot up,or whatever…
I comfort myself with the thought of that coming day of reckoning…..


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