Review(?) Tom Clancys HAWX 2.


HAWX-2Tom Clancys Hawx 2 could so easily have been a fantastic game.-Its got everything going for it, Great Graphics , a strong following after the excellent “Hawx” and a brilliant Real time environment Unfortunately , yet again, another game has been ruined by a major flaw…The Flight Engine is Abysmal, – you can point your plane straight up and accelerate to 1200KMH++ yet if you point it straight down and throttle back you slow down then stall….Ridiculous!! and why Oh why is the target selector back to front? Push stick up, – the scene goes down. Left? – it goes right.. It should be the same as with flight for consistency.

The first mission. -You kill all the bad guys and fly back towards base. . .BAM !! -you get shot down, NOTHING you can do about it, no control over plane , no evasion possible, can`t even eject, how STUPID. – Shame really, -the graphics ARE good, but as usual , crap control system and unrealistic flight characteristics ruin what could have been a good game. As is always the case when I encounter such a serious flaw in a game I stopped playing there, so I won`t comment further.


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