Very short course on Malware.

These days, Malware is becoming more and more prevalent (unfortunately) and is an unwanted but unavoidable aspect of the internet. More and more program writers, software distributors ,and an whole army of bastards are trying to get their spyware onto your PC. Even C-Net are now doing this. You have to be SO careful when downloading a program you want, not to include malware in your installation.
There ARE a few things you can do to lessen the chance of an infection, and I use the term `Infection` purposefully , because malware is truly like catching an illness, once you have it, its really hard to get rid of without specialist help or knowledge.
1. When surfing the web, always have a real time anti-spyware program running.
2. Always have a Firewall enabled.-if you have any microsoft O/S other than windows 8 then consider getting a 3rd party Firewall program OR anti spyware that includes a firewall. I single windows 8 out of this because windows 8 has a much better version of defender Anti-spyware and a much improved Firewall. -Not many 3rd party anti malware programs are compatible yet and they do not have the integration of the microsoft option. Good programs to consider are Comodo, McAffee, Norton, or AVG.
3. Scan regularly. Most programs can be set up to scan automatically, say – once a week.
4. Practice safe surfing. -Don`t go to known harbour`s of spyware. -You ALL know which ones I mean, – Pirate Bay, KAT, MOST public torrent trackers. -If you have to download stuff from these sites then scan them thoroughly and run them in a sandbox or virtual machine before using them on your main PC. Try to limit your surfing to your own country.
5. Educate yourself. – Learn which add-ons and programs are considered malware and why – Google is your friend. A few candidates – Babylon, Teevee, Yontoo, Koobface, Taterf, Renos, Alureon, Fakerean, Bancos, Frethog, Cutwail, Rustock, Tibs. (Actually – some of these are not true malware but PUP`s -Potentially Unwanted Programs) however , you will not welcome any of them or their effects on your system.- True nasty, malware is usually devastating and by the time you`ve discovered it re-installation is the only way forward.
6 This is what I consider to be the most important one, – learn how to remove it.-Doing it manually is almost always your best option. -Briefly, – you have to identify the affected processes in Task manager and kill them. Then remove the actual files and registry entries by hand. Then run specific tools for detecting and removing root-kits and altered files and short cuts. Finally , run an up to date scanner to seek out and remove anything left behind then reboot and pray that you`ve not missed anything.
Good Luck!


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