Response to an Email offering me a `Free`Simulator

I`m very sorry but I can`t take up your kind offer of a `free` simulator because Your Software sucks.-I don`t want a free downloader or a toolbar OR a TV streamer or a PDF editor or goddamned “Poki” or ANY of the other crap it tries to load when I click on your link, nor do I want my search engine changing to a russian copy of google. Neither do I want my default pages in ALL my browsers changing to the same cruddy page. Thanks for installing the Teevee Malware program that has so many extra functions included with it, (such as reporting every single web page I surf to your criminal friends and giving them my financial details,then turning my firewall off and downloading more spyware programs – such value!!). -Thanks for installing it DESPITE me unticking the “don`t install” option in your (lying) setup details, clearly you know better than I do what programs and junk should be on my PC. If your add-ons and software were any good you wouldn`t have to “stealth load” them after dangling the offer of a free simulator in front of me. Luckily the majority of PC users are wise to your scamming and will tell you (as I am NOW doing) to take your program, to dip it in superglue, rusty nails and broken glass chippings and to ram it up your sphincter SIDEWAYS.


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