Graphics card in and working. Wednesday 17th April 2013

Hello fellow geeks!, -The Graphics card I ordered has finally arrived and I have installed it in PC2 (the Windows 7 machine). This time it went in as smooth as butter! (well, crunchy peanut butter lets say…).its a (takes deep breath) :-

Palit 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 630 Graphics Card (DDR3, HDMI, DVI, VGA, PCI-Express 2.0, DirectX 11.0 & OpenGL 4.2 Support, 3D Vision with Blu-ray 3D Support, Nvidia PureVideo HD Technology)


When I fitted it I performed the usual precautions, -(putting on my anti static discharge strap and attaching the lead to a good earth, and touching the chassis before fitting the card) – this is to discharge any static build up on your body – but is unnecessary with a strap (I do it anyway as its a good habit).
The card took a bit of effort to locate properly and slotted into the PCI slot with a satisfying crunch.
I screwed the mounting/retaining screw in properly before powering up the machine again – Always do this because its so easy for an unfixed card to work its way slightly out of alignment and this will not only prevent it from working , but COULD actually damage it.
The driver installation was not as straightforward as I would have liked unfortunately, – the supplied disk when loaded failed to complete the driver installation and I received an error message.
The message? “driver installation failed”. (quite illuminating, I DON`T think).
Keeping a level head your intrepid Gadgeteer stayed calm this time, -(Hey – at least I had a PICTURE this time , the last card didn`t).
I tried accessing the card makers website and support section and downloaded the latest drivers and software and tried that.. SUCCESS!!!
After a required Restart I was able to access the bundled card controller and start playing with my new t̶o̶y̶ Instrument and examine its capabilitys .
The first thing I did was re-run my Windows performance index score , – it increased from 5.1 to 5.9 – I was expecting more but this score is deceptive and I don`t think it gives a true picture of a computers true capabilities. The Proof is in the pudding as they say and I loaded up a few games to see if I could see any difference.
The first thing I noticed was a marked increase in frame rate across the board, -Every single program played smoother, faster, more detail. The one program that I knew would test the card properly – is Crysis. So in the disk went and up I booted it…I maxed out the settings to see how this card would handle it and was pleasantly surprised to see the game running in 1920 x 1080 resolution with ALL the bells and whistles, and at a good frame rate. -Not the best I must say, but for a budget card it was pretty good.

So, all in all , -I`m pretty happy with my purchase.


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