Boston Bomb

A moment to pause and mentally thank all the security forces and “powers behind the screens” who thankfully (and thanklessly) protect us for the majority of the time, from the faceless cowards who perpetrate their evil and twisted schemes to satisfy their outdated and quite frankly MENTAL theologys by attacking innocents.
The bomb blast in Boston claimed and maimed lives and no amount of praying will re-attach limbs or bring people to life again so rather than “offering my prayers” I will try to do something that would actually work if we all did it. That is to be VIGILANT. Take notice of your surroundings and the things that go on around you. -SOMEONE,SOMEWHERE will have seen the people who planted the bomb, -they live next door to someone,someone will have noticed something suspicious, someone may have photographed them – the point is that they will be caught and prevented from repeating the carnage if we all start NOTICING them.If you are the slightest bit suspicious of someone or something then report them. – if you are wrong then its an inconvenience, -if you are RIGHT then you might save a life.


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