Sunday 14th April 2013 (a)

Hello again, Captain Demotricus Tiberius Berk at the helm again, today I`m going to list some of my recent purchases starting with a selection of desk tripods or stands. -My desk was getting very cluttered and everything seemed to be constantly untidy and disorganised so I decided to make it a little tidier. The first one is for the larger Android tablet and is on Amazon here :-

Its well made and does its job but I had a couple of little niggles with it , namely its not that stable and has a tendency to fold up when you are using the tablet, also the rubber resting pads on the bottom of the stand have a tendency to slide off. – I cured this with the application of a blob of glue in each one. The second one I bought is on Amazon here:-

This one is a portable unit and has a plastic case which slides over the legs to fold the stand into a small easily carried gadget which you can attach to a keyring or carry loose in your pocket, -again its well made and does its job. -I bought this one for the Star android phone (my “workhorse phone”) as its the only phone I don`t keep plumbed into my computers and just needs “somewhere to put it”. The THIRD stand I bought was actually purchased before the other two and was originally intended for the 10″ Android, BUT it was not up to the job. -its not a BAD stand but its nowhere near the quality of the others and is poorly designed . -The legs are not fixed and can splay out easily so I`ve relugated it to the job of propping up my kindle. It does have an attachment on top for clamping a phone to the stand but it has to be a smaller phone – an iphone would fit, a galaxy won`t. Amazon reference:-

Lastly I have bought a proper “dock” for my posh Android phone – the Samsung GT-N7000 Note. This is not only a stand but a charging port and audio connector to plumb the phone into My computer and Audio system. its not cheap but it does make things a lot easier for me. All I have to do now is plonk the phone into the dock and it automatically connects the charger and Audio leads, its possible to prop the phone up in portrait OR landscape mode and is very stable.

Amazon reference:-
Everything now looks a little tidier and more accessable:-


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