Monday 8th April 2013 (a)

My First PC.

My Second PC.

My Third PC.

My Fourth PC.

The Bastard.

(Yes its THAT bad……..) Its SUPPOSED to be a Quad Core core i5 2320 3GHz, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, running 64 bit Windows 8 Pro. With 2GB integrated graphics Nvidia 11 equivalent. A fast beast? – Nope! – The P6, which is a Dual core i3 2.6GHz with 4GB RAM Blows the doors off it. -Its faster booting up, it doesn`t freeze every 2 minutes the graphics are fluid and frame rates are WAAAAY better than the Lenovo. – On paper there should be no contest , -The quad core should be SO much better, but even when looking at the windows index, – the P6 scores better. The Lenovo`s score? – 3. – the P6? – 5.6 (Higher is better). I have NO explanation to why the lenovo is such a dog, -it freezes at the drop of a hat, Takes ages to boot or start applications , and this , even from an SSD equipped C drive!! – The thing should FLY, but it doesn`t. All I can blame it on is the software – Windows 8. The only other thing I can think of is the Power supply in the Lenovo – its 250W which is tiny to be honest, – I wonder if its just not getting enough power when needed. Failing that , I`m at a loss to explain it. What I DO know though is that I will NEVER buy a lenovo product again. – Next time I`m going to build my own PC from components, warranty be blown……


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