Tuesday December 18th 2012

O.K. Captain demotricus Tiberius Berk`s Log… Star date 11/12/2012 01:46 hrs Today I finally got my systems all back to prime condition. After much fun and cursing I have Re-installed Windows 8 Pro and am happy to report that everything is now working bar a niggling network problem which is in all probability down to my crappy BT Router. (Thats job no 6 or 7 on my “Buy decent equipment instead of relying on cheap junk” list.) I am now turning my attention to the Seedbox project again and my thoughts (and actions) are on remote connectivity and cloud storage for it. As I am trying to do this without being tied to cloud storage fees or significant outlay. I am primarily looking at Free software or service`s. Today I found two gems , -The first is a piece of software that is completely free and turns a computer into a personal Cloud. -its called “tonido” and can be found at
its very simple to set up and very easy to use. First you must download and install tonido desktop onto your computer. Then you create a tonido account – the account becomes part of the URL for your computer. i.e. “https://username.tonidoID.com” where `username` is the name you chose when you opened the account. When you have completed these two steps you can access your computer from anywhere with a web connection and browser. All the files and drives become accessible. The connection is encrypted and secure. You can :- Share files and folders to guest users privately, Share files and folders publicly via web link, Share files and folders via mobile apps. And all this is Free! The other piece of software is a Remote desktop solution which (again) uses a browser to access your computer remotely, The difference with this one is that you can actually see your desktop in your browser and control it remotely. You have to open an account with a company called “Logmein”. Their website is :-
and this is the actual URL you enter into your browser to use the system. There is a piece of software or a “server” that you download to your target computer and leave running in the background, then when you log on to the logmein website your computer appears as an icon in the browser which you click on to log on to your computer using your normal account name and password. Now I have only seen the `paid for` software working so far because in order to use the service you are initially `Trialling` the Pro HD version. -If you decide not to purchase the service then the service “reverts” to a free lower resolution version which IS free and carrys no charges or time limit. But what I can say is this – what I saw impressed me. When you expand the remote desktop window to full screen there is NO discernible difference to the picture you would get if your monitor was plugged into the target computer. What there is though is a noticable lag between your mouse movements and the arrow moving on screen. -My target computer (the seedbox) was connected via a VPN in the Netherlands whilst my browser on the win 8 machine was connected to my normal I.P. and although there was a lag , I still found it to be quite usable. I must add before signing off that the first solution I have described (tonido) is particularly attractive to those of you with mobile phones , be they Androids or Iphones because You can download any book, record, film or file of any description from your computer – to your device or phone with this software. So until the next installment… this is Demotricus Berk signing off…


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