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slowwwww pc

My PC is slowwwwwww again, lets see whats up THIS TIME… oh its microsoft update downloading ZILLIONS of “updates” (despite the fact I actually turned automatic updates OFF), hey-ho. Oh wait…. or could it be my McAffee anti-virus SCANNING EVERY BLOODY DAY even though THAT`S turned OFF too, and slowing everything to a crawl? (why […]

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Why is it…

That when people say “In all Honesty“, it means they`re fibbing. When they say “Apparently“, it means they`re making it up, & when they say “No Offence“, they`re about to say something offensive???

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Another Rant

It`s no surprise I have high blood pressure you know. If there`s one thing that really makes my blood BOIL , it`s betrayal by someone you thought was a friend. Friendship actually means a lot to me and experience has taught me that whatever a person says to you, investing trust in them is always […]

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Weekly RANT (yes I know I`ve mentioned this in another post but it F****NG BUGS ME). . underlines_instead_of_spaces_in_f****ng_file_names (Wtf is        wrong                  with  USING     S P A C E S ?   ?               ???            ????????) Websites that plaster a huge desperate “PLEASE LIKE THIS PAGE ON FACEBOOK” pop-up that covers the whole frigging PAGE 20 seconds after you […]

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Windows 10 aka big brother.

Well we heard all the hype that windows 10 preview had a keylogger built into it and everything you put into windows 10, files, pictures, media, web cam access, microphone access. E-mail content, Private message services (skype , messenger etc), were accessable by microsoft but ONLY for development services and the keylogger would be removed […]

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Cloud Drives

1. The WD MyCloud Drive. There really is nothing good I can say about this drive at all, buy it at your peril and only if you are a sado-masochist. its good for (molasses slow) network Accessed storage and thats IT. The so called cloud functionality simply doesn`t work – PERIOD. This I know because […]

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